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Pet Denstistry

Routine oral health care is vital to your pet’s well-being and should never be taken for granted. Check out the oral care services we have to offer!


Urgent Care

Is your pet having an emergency? We’ll make them our top priority. Click through to learn more about our urgent care services.


Wellness Care

Our pets need regular checkups just like us. We partner up with Labradoor Vets to tailor our care to help keep your pet happy and healthy for life.


Dr Robert Campbell


Providing you and your pet with an exceptional experience is our highest priority, because we want you to spend as many happy years together as possible. If you have any questions about our services please give us a call at +27 12 804 8901. We look forward to partnering with you in the care of your pet.

The best reference is a good word



My Son, Craig Allenby who was Acting Head of the Pretoria Zoo and has known and worked with Mr.Rob Campbell and always had the greatest respect for him.

During the beginning of this year, I took my dog Apollo to him and after examination and Scan he advise me that he was very ill and that he should be put down, but Rob requested that I dive hi one more chance, he changed his diet and medication and since then Apollo has recovered and been very healthy for which I am so grateful.

I have always found Rob and his staff very professional and helpful.


I owned a beardie and had 11 rats so definitely needed a competent exotics vet to care for them
As any rat owner will know, they have numerous health issues and require frequent vet visits.
I can highly recommend Dr. Robert Campbell at Val de Grace CREW One health veterinary clinic.
He treated my elderly bearded dragon, who had rare and complicated health issues and definitely
gave me some extra time with my old boy.
He has treated numerous rats of mine and operated on a few of them too. He always discusses
treatment options fully as well as costs involved and his treatment rates are very reasonable.
Because I have so many rats I am often at the vet, so have got to know Dr Robert and the way he
works. I find I can be brutally honest with him and he always listens and is open to suggestions and
change. I also feel at peace knowing that he is generally available on the practice whattsapp should I
need him in an emergency. I will also often get a call to follow up on a sick rats condition. He is also
very aware of quality of life, and always gives the right advice when the time comes to make the
decision to end an animals suffering. When he has to euthanase an animal, he does so gently and
with great compassion towards animal and human.
I also feel the need to mention that two of my hairless rats had very serious eye conditions and due
to Dr Roberts swift action and treatment, he managed to save both their eyes. Another of my
hairless rats developed a serious abscess which needed to be drained. Because Dr. Robert knew I
used to be nurse, he sent me photos of before, during and after the operation. I found this to be
very thoughtful of him and it also put me at ease.
It is also reassuring that he has recently acquired a lot of specialised equipment for the small
animals, which makes diagnosing and thus treating much easier.
It is also very convenient to be able to take all your animals to one veterinary clinic, especially as I
have a whole menagerie. The receptionists are always very helpful and polite and go out of their way
to be of assistance.
Dr Robert has an absolute passion for these cheeky and sensitive little rodents and I can highly
recommend him with absolute ease.
Thank you Dr Robert for all your care and kindness towards all sentient beings.


Thank you dr Robert for taking such a good care of our darling Abby cat. We appreciate you and all the staff’s friendliness, care and love. We truly feel like family.


All of the Doctors and Techs are amazing and go the extra mile for you and your fur-baby! They went above and beyond to save my dog Bella. Highly recommended!

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Robert Greenland
Robert Greenland
Very good service. Dog treated with care and friendliness. Thanks
Art Classes for Children Jedidiah Art Studio
Art Classes for Children Jedidiah Art Studio
Our Kittie-kids looove their Dr. Robert. He made them feel só much better. Thank you Dr. Robert for understanding our kittie-kids.
Robyn Leigh Bear
Robyn Leigh Bear
What a wonderful experience. Dr. Robert has a beautiful love and passion for animals big and small, and all the staff are incredible and friendly. Thank you for making a visit to the vet a good experience for us and our fur babies.
Dark Huma
Dark Huma
Great staff. Really enjoy working with animals. Not only can you get your pet treated by the vet, they also offer other services such grooming.
Phila Madondo
Phila Madondo
Friendly service with professional care for the animals.
Japie Spies
Japie Spies
Was very helpfull


Full Service Animal Hospital


We offer a wide range of veterinary services with state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques, including:

Spay & Neuter

Spaying and neutering for dogs and cats are very common surgical procedures that can help reduce pet overpopulation and ensure that more pets finding permanent, loving homes.


Val De Grace Vets is a full-service animal hospital. Our in-house lab allows us to process blood work within minutes.


There’s no better—or easier—way to keep your pet healthy and safe from infectious diseases than by having them vaccinated regularly.

Pet Identification & Travel

Proper identification is the best way to ensure your pet is reunited with you, should they become lost.


Your pet will always be cared for as if they were one of our own–from pre-surgical exam to recovery, your pet will be closely monitored and kept as comfortable as possible.

Emergency & Urgent Care

Should your pet experience an urgent emergency, please call our animal hospital at +27 12 804 8901 and head right over.

Dental Care

Good oral health care contributes to your pet’s overall health. That’s why it’s important to establish an oral care routine to keep your pet’s teeth clean through every stage of their life.

Grooming Parlor

Proper identification is the best way to ensure your pet is reunited with you, should they become lost.

End-of-Life Care

Our caring and compassionate veterinarians and staff will partner with you to minimize the stress of the situation for your family and your beloved pet.


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